Goals guaranteed in West Ham games

by Bum Rush Fri 30, 2016 10:42 PM

For everybody connected with West Ham the start of the Premier League campaign must have been a perplexing one. Their team thrived in Slaven Bilic’s debut campaign as Hammers boss, finishing seventh in the Premier League and just mis...

Premier League sack race hots up

by Bum Rush Fri 23, 2016 4:44 PM

Up and down the country you can feel the panic of certain Premier League owners and fans as their team lurch from one bad result to another. The likes of Stoke, Swansea, West Ham and Sunderland have endured difficult starts to their Premier League...

Goals is the way to go at City this weekend

by Bum Rush Fri 16, 2016 2:42 PM

Manchester City have looked impressive under former-Barcelona boss Pep Guardiola in the Premier League so far this season. Somehow the Catalan One seems to have added something extra to an already tasty attacking blend at Eastlands. This w...

Liverpool a punters nightmare

by Bum Rush Fri 9, 2016 11:50 AM

Liverpool have become the Jekyll and Hyde of the Premier League under their affable but nutty German boss Jurgen Klopp. From the German’s touchlines antics, I am surprised he has not burst out of his clothes and went on the rampage at any Pr...

Is Moyes a shoe-in for the boot?

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..not the golden one but the big brown 'orrible one, I'm afraid.

Moyes is looking more and more like a 'busted flush' by the minute and the bizarre admission, just two games into the new season, that supporters should brace themselves for a relegation battle has only two possible explanations:

1) that David Moyes is a manager incredibly low on confidence, who felt suddenly exposed in front of the camera and just didn't know what else to say.

2) that despite a cringe worthy spell at United, followed by a swift sacking at Real Sociedad, David Moyes is still confident enough to attempt to publicly shame his board into giving him cash before the transfer window shuts.

If it is number two, it would mean that he has balls the size of a Rhino and he doesn't, so its number one.

As we all know, last season the Sunderland board, like England have now, appointed Sam Alledyce to rescue a dire situation simply by instilling confidence and focus. With such a recent reminder of the power of mind over matter, followed by a couple of defeats and Moyes' textbook demonstration of how to lose a dressing room, they are unlikely to leave it as late as last season to make the change. Cost of the contract won't come into it - there are always clauses - and as we are constantly reminded the value of staying in the Premier League dwarfs anything.

Only the players can save him now and they certainly don't appear to be good enough. So, just as he has been secretly suspecting for some time, Moyes could well be finally done.

... thought you should know...

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